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Web developer – freelancer
1 USD  |  Месяцев: 1000

Web developer – freelancer

Have projects, need developers-freelancers in Ukraine
(in case of success, we will provide office in Lviv or Kyiv).

Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery)
Written technical English.

Your duties:
1.- > You receive project description
2. < - You return estimation, questions (if any), milestone plan
3. - > (in case #2 sounds reasonable) We grant you the project, you will have a manager to answer questions, solve any problems etc.
4. < - You perform your duties, deliver the project (or agreed milestone)
5. - > We pay you (private load to your credit card, Western Union, whatever)

Two lines more:
Personally I work for major outsourcing company.
They have a lot of project ranging from $500 to $5000 which they have no capabilities to take on board.
They would be happy to establish team in Ukraine and if that goes well, they will provide an office.
Customers are usually US/Canada, so be prepared to work 16-00 – ..
You'll have to be very self-organized and self-motivated.

Both individuals and teams can apply.

In return to this message, I expect a Resume from you with list of projects done, your role in the project, technologies used.

Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery)
Written technical English.

25.04.2012 | yuriyfreeman
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